Research Program

PhD-level research conducted by high schoolers.

100% of students in CollegeRamp's Flagship Research Mentorship Program have published at peer-reviewed, postgraduate level venues. 

Our Philosophy

Real research improves upon the state-of-the-art. Thus, we don't believe in submission to high-school level research venues, and the world's top universities agree.

We are proud to be the only firm that aims for and successfuly sees its students publish at the highest level of academic research. Peer-reviewed, postgraduate level. The same places PhD students, postocs, professors, and research scientists at Google submit to. 

We did it ourselves. You can too.

All of our research mentors published postgraduate-level, peer-reviewed research while they themselves were high schoolers. They all now attend and conduct state-of-the-art academic research at the following six undergraduate colleges:

How it works

One-on-one mentorship with a highly-experienced guide.
  • Rather than matching you with a professor or graduate student for a limited number of meetings like mass-marketed programs, our research program pairs you with a mentor who will work by your side to guide you to publication success. 
  • Our mentors work on an unlimited-hour basis with you, right from before you know what you want to research until you are ready to submit your paper to the best venues in all of academia.
  • Our experienced publication team helps review your paper in LaTeX and avoid all the commmon pitfalls we faced ourselves. 
  • Only a handful of high-schoolers successfully publish in conferences like IEEE and ACM every year – conferences that admissions officers and future employers are wowed by, not pay-to-play or undergraduate-level ones.

We publish in only the best venues.

We've published in the world's top venues in fields as diverse as computer science and medicine to politics and history. Surrounded by graduate students, professors, and industry veterans, our students are almost always the single youngest presenters at these venues.

Sample Papers

We are proud to have a 100% success rate for publication at postgraduate, peer-reviewed venues. This has propeled our students gaining admissions to the world's top universities.

Below are sample projects our student and mentor teams have conducted and published. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What grades of students are eligible?

We have successfully worked with students across 8th to 12th grade. To be successful in our program, dedication and willingness to learn is significantly more important than previous experience. It's a huge educational journey to begin working at the state-of-the-art in a field, so we want students excited for the ride!

How long is the program?

The research program timeline is highly flexible. We've worked with seniors who successfuly aimed for and achieved publication in 4 months, and we've also worked with freshman who worked on a highly-complex topic for nearly one year.

What commitment is required?

We expect students aiming to complete the program in 6 months to spend at least 3-5 hours a week on homework and project related work. It's a lot of work, but it pays off immensely on college applications.

How does pricing work?

Our unlimited research program depends on factors like student grade, field of research, number of assigned mentors, and is generally around $9,000-10,000. Our pricing reflects the truly incomparable outcomes we target and achieve and the dedicated attention we give our clients as a boutique firm.