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CollegeRamp helps you build internship and research experiences so unique that your ‘reach’ colleges become within reach. Our clients achieve the otherwise impossible, going on to tell those stories in their college applications and beyond.

This is not your typical college consultancy.

We help students develop experiences and stories only a handful of high-schoolers achieve every year. As a boutique firm, we work with a very limited number of students each year to maximize our results.

Getting into college is harder than ever. This year, 4000+ students ranked 1st in their school, 8000+ had perfect GPAs, and 20,000+ had 99%ile SATs. At schools with class sizes a small fraction of these, like Harvard and Stanford, you need more than scores and essays to stand out. Data and experience shows that award-winning research, such as those that are published in peer-reviewed venues, and internships in innovative verticals are the most effective ways to stand out. 

Two Programs. One Goal.

CollegeRamp has developed two distinct yet one-of-a-kind programs to help you boost your intellectual vitality and build your candidacy. Our research and publication mentoring program pairs you with stellar coaches to guide you on a research project from ideation to publication, while our integrated internship program helps you get real-world experience at innovative and exclusive venture-backed startups.

We only work with the best.

Every single member on our team comes from the following six undergraduate colleges.

Research & Publication Program

One-to-one mentorship with the world's most experienced student publishers and our custom curriculum
  • Rather than simply matching you with a professor or graduate student for a limited number of meetings, our research program pairs you with a mentor who will work by your side to guide you to publication success. 
  • Our goals are aligned, so our mentors work on an unlimited-hour basis with you, right from before you know what you want to research until you are ready to submit your paper to the best venues in academia. 
  • Our criterion for hiring mentors is simple: they must have published multiple times in postgraduate-level peer-reviewed journals, all while they were in high school. If they could do it in high school, you can too!
  • Only a handful of high-schoolers successfully publish in conferences like IEEE and ACM every year – conferences that admissions officers and future employers are wowed by, not pay-to-play or undergraduate-level ones. CollegeRamp research students have a 100% success rate.

Our track-record speaks for itself.

Our students and mentors have published at some of the best venues in the world. Postgraduate-level, indexed, and peer-reviewed. And we've been awarded for it, too.
Sample Publications
  • IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics
  • IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference
  • IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
  • IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition and ML
  • IEEE International Conference on Computer and Signal Processing
  • ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition 
  • ElSevier Journal of Informatics in Medicine Unlocked
  • University of Michigan AI Symposium
Awards and Scholarships
  • Softbank Foundation Fellow (Full Tuition Scholarship)
  • International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) Grand Finalist
  • Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) Finalist
  • World Giftedness Center's Global Talent Mentoring Awardee
  • Atlas Fellowship ($50k Scholarship)
  • Coca Cola Scholar ($20k Scholarship)
  • Davidson Fellowship ($10k Scholarship)
  • Intel Global AI Impact Award Winner

Integrated Internship Program

Gain valuable experience, mentorship, and recommendations from leading venture capital-backed startups
  • Every year, thousands of college students flock to apply for competitive internships at venture capital-backed firms. Some succeed and some don't, but you'll almost never see a high schooler in the mix. 
  • The best essays and letters of recommendation come from hands-on experience, and the best hands-on experience is always in a small team that has an empowering mission.
  • Our internship program collaborates with leading startups to guarantee our students mentorship and work experience at some of the most meaningful and innovative teams out there. 
  • We match you to an opportunity that aligns with your interests, skillset, and experience to provide a tailor-made opportunity, and then work with a CXO at the company to ensure a personalized mentorship relation.  

Internship Case Studies

Andrew's Finance & Medical Technology Internship

Andrew approached us looking to learn more about the worlds of either finance or medical technology – two of his primary interests. Rather than settling for one or the other, we sourced him a role at a private equity and venture capital investment firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which would allow him to explore both fields by working with industry experts in leveraged buyouts and MedTech SAAS acquisitions. By combining his interests in an interdisciplinary manner, Andrew learns more about two of the most prestigious industries to break into. He is likely one of just a handful of high schoolers with real work experience at a private equity firm. Not only will his work be used to evaluate investment decisions in the order of seven figures, but he is on track to obtain a fantastic letter of recommendation that will allow him to stand out in any finance-related role he may apply to in the future, beyond just his college applications.

Pranav's AI & Machine Learning Internship

Pranav came to us with a keen interest in machine learning. Moreover, Pranav was looking specifically to implement his ML interest in a field where he would be able to write a meaningful essay about community service in the field of education. We placed him into a United Nations-backed startup that accelerates the learning process for youths in developing regions through a gamified adaptive-learning interface. It has won numerous awards including the Moonshot Awards and the Samsung Fellowship Award. Pranav works directly with the CTO of the firm to gain mentoring on the technical side, learning about ML while developing a project that will directly impact 1000s of underprivileged students in Indonesia – a truly noble cause.

Ben's Graphic Design & UX/UI Internship

Ben approached us looking for a role in graphic design and UX/UI. As a drawer with interests in design, fashion, and architecture, he sought a role where he could combine his skills not only into a role that would allow him to develop his experience, but also at a company with a general design and arts focus. We placed him into an agency that provides resources and exposure to minority-owned clothing brands. Here, he will be working this summer on graphic design for their fashion lookbook and website, as well as designing human-computer systems for UX/UI engagement. Not only will his work touch production, but it will also directly benefit dozens of minority-owned small businesses.

Catherine's Business Development Internship

Catherine reached out initially to learn more about the fields of business development. What better way to do that than work at a high-growth B2B AI startup focusing on supply chain automation and logistics? Namely, we placed her into a Silicon Valley-based technology company that focuses on automating industrial applications through machine vision. The company was founded by a venture capitalist and a Google Product Manager with previous successful entrepreneurial experience, and Catherine works directly with the founder while gaining valuable experience, both through personal mentorship and her project impact.

“CollegeRamp was a great experience overall. The team was very clear and up-front about the process. I got placed in an amazing internship and I learned so much more from it than I could learn by myself. I really think that this opened a lot of doors for my career. I would give them 5 stars out of 5.”

— Pranav, a CollegeRamp Internship Program student

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Next Steps, Pricing, Guarantees, & Pro Bono

How do I schedule a complimentary consultation?

Please schedule a complementary consultation with CollegeRamp's co-founders so we can learn more about your goals. To do this, send us a message via the form below or an email to

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is not one-size-fits-all as all of our services are adjusted to the needs of the client and tailor-made to ensure the best possible outcome. While the integrated internship program's pricing depends on factors like company, experience, and time of year, they generally range from about $2,000-5,000. Our unlimited research program depends on factors like student grade, field of research, number of assigned mentors (one or two), etc, and is generally around $8,000-10,000. Our pricing reflects the truly incomparable outcomes we target, and the dedicated attention we give our clients as a boutique firm. 

What guarantees do you offer?

For both our internship and research programs, our co-founders will first speak to you during a free intro call to answer (and ask!) questions, and explain how we will customize the programs based on your needs. If you choose to move forward with the internship program, we do not charge anything until after we are able to successfully place you into a firm and your employment there is signed and confirmed. For our research program, we will work an unlimited number of hours until research is ready to be submitted. We also bill in separate retainers, so there is never one up-front payment. We're confident in our ability to meet our exceptionally high targets, so we offer a full moneyback guarantee, though we've never been asked for it before.

Do you have a Pro Bono program?

Yes! We strive to bring internships and research experiences to people from all backgrounds. We work with pro bono organizations and exceptional students to provide free versions of our internship and research programs. If you are a charity, an organization that takes pro bono cases, or a student qualifying for need-based admission, please contact us.

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